Social Media Marketing HamptonThe foundation for all social media marketing begins with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Blogging. Every business with a presence on the Internet should have at least basic Facebook and LinkedIn accounts that are updated and/or utilized on a regular basis. All of these entities are attributable to enhancing the indexing of your company or organizational’s website in the major search engines. The direction that Internet Marketing is heading actually encompasses a strong social media program that directly leads to your website.

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Different Packages For Different Needs

No matter which package fits your needs best – there is still an initial consultation and setup that Graphic Memory implements to start the process for effective marketing. The extent of the setup is determined upon an assessment of your company and organization’s marketing needs.

We consult to determine what media platforms relate best to your type of business or organization; who your target audience is; what platforms they are typically using for your type of product or service; and time and cost of your resources available to commit to social media.

For example, Twitter is ideal for celebrities, bands, media companies, social events, and businesses that do a lot of trade shows and not necessarily for home remodeling companies. The first steps also encompass setting up the individual accounts that will be a part of your marketing package.

Social Media Education Services – The Foundation Package

For those clients that just need setup, a bit of education and want to maintain their own social media marketing, we offer an affordable consulting and training package with our initial setup that will get you on your way to successfully market yourself on the Internet. However, remember that you will have to be consistent in this form of marketing or it may not work for you the way you think it should.

Social Media Management Services – The Business Package

Facebook and Blog Posting

Graphic Memory offers complete social media management services for your social media campaigns by posting to your company Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and blogs on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis depending on platform requirements.

Customer Review Management

We can also offer customer review management services that researches the people who have used your products or services are saying about you in review sites such as Angie’s List, Yelp, Bing, Yahoo, and Google+. Our service assists in developing truthful positive postings in these review sites to maintain a healthy presentation of your company’s products and/or services.

YouTube and Video

Production of videos about your company’s products or services offer a substantial benefit to your marketing through posting of a company video channel through YouTube and using them to display in your website, as well. Graphic Memory can provide references to professional video production services for this purpose, as well.

Marketing Packages Custom Tailored To Your Needs & Budget

All of our packages are custom tailored based on your budget and needs to effectively perform your marketing agenda.  For example, with the Business Package, Graphic Memory will have a designated company contact that will use your information, news and developments  for whatever posting schedule  to effectively maintain your marketing.

Social Media Management Services – The Full Management Package

Graphic Memory completely researches, develops and manages your content and all other aspects of your social media campaigns. We essentially become your marketing agency taking care of all your social media marketing – no matter what platforms and forms of media you have us create – whether written, graphically and/or through video.  Contact Us Today for an initial consultation to determine if we are the right Internet Social Media Marketing Agency for you!

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