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Experienced WordPress Designers Make a Difference

Graphic Memory has fully adopted WordPress as our primary web design platform going into 2015. Our WordPress designers possess over ten solid years of working with this platform.  Despite its advertised ease-of-use and setup, there are aspects of a WordPress foundation that we find commonly overlooked. If installed incorrectly it generally results in problems down the road with updating version and theme updates and even page content updates through the admin.  One of our WordPress designers on staff makes a good case of this in her blog, “WordPress Maintenance and Monitoring Tips”.

Regardless of your budget, starting with a WordPress website at least gives you a strong foundation to start with. With it, you’ll be able to grow into the multitude of new requirements the search engines are looking for  in 2015 to index effectively.  WordPress is an extremely flexible core with countless plug-ins that apply to enhancing the user experience as well as incorporating most elements of today’s Internet marketing requirements. Only experienced WordPress designers know all of the elements to apply through testing and understanding the requirements of the individual client.

WordPress websites are ideal economic solutions for online entities that require constant or frequent updating of content. Graphic Memory offers a solution that allows clients to self-manage the majority of their website’s content through an easy-to-use online management interface. WordPress offers thousands of applications and graphical templates to economically fit most any business or organization’s information and interactivity requirements. These models allow a business of any size to possess an affordable online tool that would otherwise cost thousands of dollars to develop.

WordPress Plug-in Experience:

There are literally thousands of plug-ins developed for WordPress. There are also a multitude of varying plug-ins that attempt to service the same requirement such as a photo gallery.  With most being open source and free, which one should you use and does it do as it advertises?

We’ve found many are poorly built and can actually have adverse affects on the site or other plug-ins you may be using. Our WordPress designers have been through these trials and have a solid list of modules that fulfill the following requirements:

  • WYSIWYG Content Editors
  • Calendar of Events
  • Blog Management
  • Newsletter Management
  • Photo Galleries
  • Document Management (PDF)
  • Weather
  • Polls
  • Discussion Forums
  • Guest Books
  • RSS Feeds
  • Help Desks
  • Banner Ad Management
  • Business Directories
  • Membership Management
  • Live Chat
  • Employment Listings
  • Real Estate Listings
  • Auto Listings
  • e-Commerce Shopping Carts
  • SEO Analyzers
  • Cache Headers
  • Moz Plug-ins
  • Quick Payment Solutions
  • Linking Strategies
  • Video Marketing
  • Child Theme Creators
  • Customer Reviews
  • Social Media Enhancements
  • Social Media Broadcasting

Graphic Memory has developed numerous WordPress websites for small businesses and organizations throughout Hampton Roads.  Some recent work examples from our WordPress designers are as follows:

Command Post Technologies, Inc. – Suffolk

Advanced Marine Preservation – Norfolk | Jacksonville | San Diego

Cox Media Hampton Roads – Hampton Roads

HrPro2Go.Com (Cox Media) – Hampton Roads

John W. Lee, P.C. – Attorney at Law – Virginia Beach | Hampton | Newport News | Chesapeake


Contact Graphic Memory for a free initial consultation with one of our WordPress designers to determine what we can create that is a right fit for your business or organization. Call 757-728-0099 or fill out our Free Website Quote form for a quick response today!

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